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Softball field at Reno Kiwanis Park gets facelift

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As softball season starts back up, the upgrades to the Reno Kiwanis Park softball field couldn’t come at a better time.

Those upgrades include a new fence around the field complete with dugouts and new bathrooms which are expected to be finished early April.

The Reno Parks and Trail Committee has been working hard to complete the Reno Play for All Abilities Playground project.

“The goal of this project is to provide a safe, fun place for children of all abilities to play,” says Reno Parks & Trail Chairperson Cheylanne Thomas.

Last year, The Reno Parks and Trail Committee added new equipment to the playground that has very special purposes.

“We have added equipment like a new swing for children who need that added support, a hippo that has its anatomy labeled with braille for visually impaired children and musical equipment,” Thomas said.

The equipment provides a great experience for those seeking sensory stimulation.

“Children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders find challenges with socialization, communication, play, and imagination. Our sensory equipment attracts children and promotes exploration and discovery.”

Reno Parks & Trail Vice-Chair Amanda Willows added, “Our biggest challenge is the surfacing we need for the playground, which can be quite costly. This is crucial for children who need wheelchairs and other mobility aids.”

The Reno Parks and Trail Committee will continue working towards this goal.

The annual “Reno’s Haunted Trail” is one of their fundraising events that help them work towards these goals.

If anyone is interested in helping with this project they can call Reno City Hall at (903)785-6581.

PHOTO SOURCE: Katie Dixon/myparistexas.com

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