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Pringles’ new ‘Mystery Flavor’ contest could score you $10K

by MyParisTexas
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Your taste buds can possibly make you $10,000 richer this Summer!

Pringles has released their “Mystery Flavor” and the company is offering $10,000 to the first person that can correctly guess what the flavor truly is.

“The flavor was especially fun to develop, because it needs to be spot on in order for fans to guess the taste,” Becky Wolfe, Pringles product development scientist, said in a press release.

Walgreens will be the only store selling the mystery chips. Contestants will have until the 13th of August so submit what they believe the secret flavor to be.

To submit your guess, you’ll have to grab a can of Mystery Flavor Pringles at Walgreens and enter the contest at www.kfr.com/pringlesmystery

Last year, Pringles ran a similar contest in Canada. The correct flavor in the mystery box turned out to be “7-Layer Dip.”

So, what could it be? Chicken Parmesan? Spicy guacamole? Almond butter? Who knows?!

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