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Police Officers protect and serve the students and staff of Paris Independent School District

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The Paris Independent School District Department of Safety and Security is a full service, independent, Texas Police agency.

The Department has jurisdiction in all areas of the Paris Independent School District and works cooperatively with Paris PD and Lamar County Sheriff’s Office and all other federal, state, and local police agencies to ensure a safe school environment. 

The Department provides the district with the highest level of professional police services with 8 full-time officers and one part-time officer.  They have over 230 combined years of law enforcement experience serving in all aspects of law enforcement including chief of police, detective lieutenant, patrol lieutenant, drug task force, EMT/Firefighter, internal affairs officers, narcotics agents, cyber crime certified investigators, and many other areas of service.

According to Chief Brad Ruthart, “One police officer has a master’s degree, two have bachelor’s degrees and several have associate’s degrees. Seven officers are Texas Commission On Law Enforcement (TCOLE) master peace officers. Every officer has been trained in basic School Based Law Enforcement (SBLE).  One officer is a SBLE certified expert. Each police officer receives at least 40 hours of TCOLE training every two years. All officers attend the Texas School Safety Center SBLE conference for additional training.”

It is the responsibility of the Department to provide all lawful means of safety and security to the district while respecting the rights of all individuals. Members of the Department conduct themselves in an ethical manner by respecting and protecting the rights of citizens as determined by law and being examples of honesty and integrity in their professional and personal lives, thereby earning the public trust.


Photographed in front (from left) are Paris ISD Dept of Safety & Security police officers (from left) in front are Officer Dale Wood – Justiss, Officer Terry McFadden-Travis/PASS, Officer Kyle Martin- PJH, Officer Billy Jordan – Crockett. 

In back are Officer Frank Mooney, Assistant Director Donnie Winton – PHS, Director Brad Ruthart- Givens/Head Start, Officer John Berry – Aikin, and Officer RD Milton – PHS/ CTE Law Enforcement Instructor.

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