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Paris Junior College LVN student saves woman’s life during orientation at PRMC

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Last month, an LVN student at Paris Junior College working as an ER Tech on an “as needed” basis at Paris Regional Medical Center, went above and beyond what was expected of him.

Before orientation for his new position on March 18th, Bailey McMichael had no prior experience in an Emergency Room or hospital.

As a “beginning tech”, McMichael was working the presentation desk when a man ran through the doors, frantically asking for help for his wife who was in their car.

Without hesitation, McMichael immediately went outside to assist the woman.

“Upon finding the woman, Bailey noted her to be unresponsive and checked for a pulse,” said ER Director Amber Knepp. “He wasted no time running back into the ER and telling the Triage Nurse, Christa Johnson, to call a Code Blue.”

Before Johnson could complete the call and get assistance, McMichael was already back outside and performing chest compressions on the woman in her car.

In less than a minute, the ER team was outside with a stretcher to bring the woman in for continued CPR.

“In CPR, the most important function is to continue compressions so that the organs and brain continue to be oxygenated,” explained Knepp. 

Knowing this, McMichael rode on the stretcher with the patient, continuing chest compressions all the way into the ER room, where the patient was met by a full team and Dr. Paul Dwyer.

The ER team carried out multiple critical treatments and were able to regain a pulse before the woman was later admitted to the ICU.

PRMC CEO Steve Hyde, COO Scott Avery, and Director of Human Resources Cheryl Perry later presented McMichaels with a “Challenge Coin” for his excellent critical thinking and skills that helped to resuscitate this woman.

McMichael is scheduled to graduate in May, upon which time he will convert and work in the ER as an LVN.

“Bailey is a natural ER Nurse, and those are hard to find.”


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