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Mr. Christmas Tree, turn on the lights

by MyParisTexas
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The Christmas tree game has changed this year as now you can purchase your very own smart tree from Amazon and link it with Alexa

A smart tree dubbed Mr. Christmas recently popped up on the e-commerce giant’s website, and it’s a voice-activated pre-lit tree that was designed to mimic a traditional Douglas fir. 

You can schedule the tree to turn on or off at the same time each day or select the lighting color using your voice. You can also use a remote built directly into the power cable.

Assembly is also fairly easy according to Business Insider, with the Christmas tree being a super user-friendly design, making it ideal for people who hate assembly. Not only does it have pre-wired pole-to-pole connections, but the branches can also be easily arranged to ensure a full appearance. Oh, they’re also flame retardant. 

The Mr. Christmas Tree is currently available on Amazon.

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