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With tax season here many wonder how they can reduce their tax liability. What if there was an investment strategy that allowed you to pay little to no taxes on your retirement account and your account was completely protected to never lose a penny of principal or interest earned?

Woodby Insurance is holding their Money 101 Seminar Tuesday, April 10th at 6:30 p.m. at The Fish Fry for local residents to learn more about protecting their retirement account from Uncle Sam.

“We will talk about how to create wealth through a tax-free retirement plan and how to protect your life savings with living benefits in case you become ill or have a chronic injury at no extra charge,” said Ken Woodby.

“Learn about the impact of taxes and how to reduce or eliminate taxes from your retirement account.”

No name tags or sign in sheets – this seminar is purely educational.

Seating is limited.

Call Woodby Insurance Agency at (903)784-7459 to reserve your seat.

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