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For many years, Medicine Chest Pharmacy located at 662 Bonham Street has sat empty leaving residents on the west side of Paris without the service of a Pharmacy.

However, last week the store officially reopened under new ownership and management as Med Chest Pharmacy.

Owners, Yogi and Suzanne Patel have been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years.

“We have worked with chain pharmacies, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, closed-door pharmacies, and clinics but the only place that we felt complete was when we owned our own,” said Suzanne. 

Over the past 20-years, Yogi worked with the Agape Clinic in Paris until they closed their doors in 2015.

“I worked with some great people during my time at Agape Clinic,” said Yogi. “Imeine and Cynthia Ukhun were the founders of the clinic, Reverend John Kelley, Dr. Leddy, Dr. Surber, Dr. Strom, Dr. Salas, Dr. Walker, Dr. Amana Greene, Dr. Max Weinberg, and Nurse Linda Crittenden, as well as a host of other supporting staff that gave unselfishly of their time and talents.”

However, with the vision and passion to open their own pharmacy, the only question left for the Patel family was where to open a store.

“We knew when the pharmacy on the west side of town closed that it would put a hardship on the people,” said Suzanne. “We knew there was a need, we knew there was building, we knew there was a place for us.”

That’s when the family decided on 662 Bonham Street; re-opening the only pharmacy on the west side of the Paris.

“We are family owned and operated and are joined by our eldest son who attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University and now works alongside us.” 

A full-service pharmacy, Med Chest Pharmacy services include compounding, drive-thru for customer convenience, MTMs, Immunizations, free transfers, auto refills, and delivery.

“Our hope is to bring a much necessary service to the west side and are dedicated to providing care to those we serve,” said Yogi. “When you come through our doors, you are not just a prescription to us, you are a person whose day we can hopefully make a little brighter.” 

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