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Basic Apparel Co. brings top quality fashion to locals at affordable prices

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Don’t let the name fool you; Basic Apparel is anything but basic. The new business is all about bringing top quality fashion to locals at more than just a ‘basic’ low price. 

“We sourced high-quality products that would last not only a long time but also a quality that won’t break the bank,” said store manager Taylor Martin. 

Martin explained that from the start, they wanted to ensure that locals could get top quality apparel at the best prices possible and not have to drive to the big city to get them. 

“We have been very price-conscious from the start. We really aimed to have a shop for men and women to get great quality products at the best prices possible,” she said.

The drive and goals from the inception of the idea to create Basic Apparel have continued to spur on as the new local shop has been operating at Towne Plaza, corner of Loop 286 NE and Lamar Ave., for a month now. 

“We have been doing really well so far,” Martin said, “and once we were able to get our new sign up we have seen plenty of people coming in and shopping in our store.”

Not only does the new local shop boast ‘basic apparel’ for women, but for men as well. According to Martin, the shop holds apparel for the professional man and the man just looking to relax or go out for a casual night on the town. 

“We saw a need for better men’s apparel for all the guys here. We really wanted to offer a good range of products for both men and women,” Martin explained. 

Now as the new local shop gets ready for the change of seasons, Martin said they are already stocked with Fall fashion pieces and will be looking to welcome Winter pieces soon. 

“We pride ourselves on being locally made, and locally owned,” she said. 

The store is open Mon-Sat 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sundays 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. You can also check out their latest pieces on their Facebook or Instagram pages, with a website set to launch within the next few weeks. 

“Everyone can find something they can afford, and that’s what we wanted to achieve,” Martin said.   

Basic Apparel is located at 3572 Lamar Ave in Paris Towne Center

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