Local foodie receives overwhelming support as Food Network’s ‘Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime’ premiere’s Sunday night

Local foodie and competitor on Guy’s Chance of a LifetimeCayton Flippen, received overwhelming support from the community as the first episode premiered on Food Network Sunday night. 

Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime features seven chefs who will compete for the chance to take over one of Guy Fieri’s, ‘Chicken Guy’ franchises. 

“The Paris community is awesome and always big supporters. A lot of people are watching and wishing me the best. I can’t say the outcome but either way, Paris has my back,” Flippen told myparistexas.com 

During a video call with Fieri, Flippen expressed concern about accepting the offer to be on the show due to his family and the possibility of relocating if he won. 

However, with a day’s notice, Flippen packed his bags and flew to Florida overnight to chase his dreams. 

“My kryptonite is chasing dreams and this is my big opportunity,” he said during the first episode. “I love my family, were tight and opportunities like this might mean making some decisions that may take time away from them.”

Wasting no time, Fieri throws all seven candidates right into training at Chicken Guy!, and their first challenge is to learn the CG! food items and line and then feed a crowd of hungry customers

“Everyone is writing things down so I grab my notepad to just write because I felt bad if I wasn’t but I know the process of breading chicken.”

The judge, however, critiques Flippen on one tender being “a little too thick in the middle.” 

After the shift, Fieri announced how much each competitor made, based on how well they did. 

Kevin Cooper from Philadelphia and Chase Davis from Atlanta came in on top with $1,000 each, while Flippen and Chelsea Sargent-Lira from Houston came in second with $500.   

“Cayton, communication skills could work a little bit,” said Fieri.  

Phillip Tomasso from Rochester, NY, Douglas Wallace from Black Mountain, NC, and Eboni Henry from Dallas came in third with $250. 

The next episode of Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime airs on Jan. 9 at 8 p.m. CST on Food Network.