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Live Thankfully hosts launch party Nov. 1 at Chili’s, seeks volunteers

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Live Thankfully is back for another year, with Britney Drake and Christine Lenoir ready to bring some much-needed groceries to local families in need. 

Last year the dynamic duo said they exceeded expectations of how the community came together, raising over 750 grocery bags packed, and over 500 families gifted.

“Live Thankfully is a community service project that helps feed underprivileged kids through the Christmas Break,” explained Drake. 

Now the ladies are ready to do it all over again as they host the now annual launch party that will see leaders, school counselors, and volunteers come together this Friday, Nov 1, at Chili’s to get the preparations started. 

“There is a huge need to bring our community together,” said Drake, “this food drive is different from others, you just don’t know if the person packing groceries next to you could be a recipient.”

“It’s where a community comes together, and we, as parents, have the opportunity to teach our kids to be servants and to give back to our community. It also teaches them always to be grateful for what they have, but to recognize when someone is in need,” added Lenoir.

Friday evening will have both Lenoir and Drake, giving the quick run down to those that will return as leaders, school counselors, and volunteers to know what changes will be made to this year’s event. 

There are many different ways the community can get involved and help, from dropping off non-perishable items, donating online, or sponsoring their events.

“Our Live Thankfully is one time a year, one day. that people come together, and we help feed underprivileged kids that maybe can’t afford it over Christmas break,” said Drake. 

For schools getting involved, parents are prepared to give the kiddos a couple of non-perishable items when they are ready to collect. 

Drake said that each school that is involved this year, their counselor will bring back a wheelie-bin that students can drop the non-perishables in. The class that collects the most will be gifted a donut or pizza party by Drake and Lenoir as a thank you.

Local businesses are also encouraged to reach out to the team and jump on board as a sponsor or drop location. Last year more than $8,000 was raised, and team leaders were able to add to the grocery bags that were given out. 

To keep up to date on this year’s drive, you can follow the journey again on their Facebook page @livethankfullyparistx; if you wish to volunteer or have any questions on how to get involved you can call 903-517-4483.

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