Jonathan and Lauren Huff || BABY ANNOUNCEMENT

by MyParisTexas
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Jonathan, Lauren and Harper Huff are excited to announce they are expecting.

Due date: January 6th, 2020

Siblings: Harper Grace (3-years-old)

Grandparents: Lisa and Chris Chapman, Kim and Danny Huff, and Monica and Bobby Richardson.

How did you find out you were expecting: I had been feeling sick with no energy WHATSOEVER, and Jonathan joked that I might be pregnant. We both looked at each other and said “nahhh”. Well he was right! He also almost passed out when I had him go check the test because I was too nervous to. When we asked Harper Grace if she wanted a baby, she said “ohhhh yes!” We asked if she wanted a brother or sister and she said, “ummm a puppy”. We were able to tell the news to our friends and family on Mother’s Day which was very special for everyone. We are so blessed and thankful that God is sending us this baby, he or she is already sooo very loved!

Congratulations Jonathan, Lauren and Harper.

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