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Angel Acosta and Maddison Hines || WEDDING

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Wedding Date: Saturday, March 24th, 2018

How did you meet: We met through my Aunt and quickly became friends. He helped me by working on my car and it quickly grew into more. I love the lake and the beach, water is so peaceful, so on our first date, we sat on the dock overlooking the water at Lake Crook.

Tell us about your wedding: We were planning on just going to the courthouse and having a big wedding after we have our baby but Angel said no. He wanted us to be surrounded by our family and for me to get to wear a wedding dress. So we’ve had five days to plan our wedding. It’s been crazy but it’s nice to have my sisters take the reigns and relieve some stress.


Congratulations Angel and Maddison on your upcoming nuptials!

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