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JOB ALERT: Oscar Mayer is hiring 12 new Wienermobile drivers

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Hotdog lovers rejoice, you’ve once again been given the opportunity to be chosen as the lucky winner and driver of the famous Oscar Mayer Weinermobile traveling the nation for one whole year. 

Dreams do come true, and Oscar Mayer is on the hunt for its next Hotdogger, a.k.a. the driver of its famous Wienermobile.

The job is much more than just driving, though. Oscar Mayer said the position acts as a goodwill ambassador for the brand. The Hotdogger drives coast to coast for appearances and visits to grocery stores, military bases and charity functions.

The company is looking for candidates with a BA or BS in various communications, PR, and marketing degrees, but is open to any applicant. 

Last year, Oscar Mayer received thousands of resumes for the 12 coveted Hotdogger positions, so if you’re interested you better get you resume sent over quick. 

Fun fact: more people have been to outer space than have held the position of Oscar Mayer Hotdogger.”

Your deadline for resume and cover letter submissions is January 31. CLICK HERE to apply 

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