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Gearhead shooters take the podium, at Paris, TX ASA event

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It may be early in the ASA tournament season, but Gearhead Archery shooters are wasting no time finding success. In this, the third ASA event of the season, held In Paris, Texas, April 25-28th, Gearhead team members battled their way to three first-place podium spots and one-third place. In total, Gearhead Archery had 15 shooters in the ASA April event, across eight different archery classes.

An emerging force in the crossbow categories, Gearhead had five team members shooting in the Crossbow Class and three in the Crossbow 45 class. When the dust settled, Gearhead had claimed four of the top five places in the Crossbow Class. This included the First-place finish for Curtiss Baumgardner (421), third-place for Gary Greenhouse (417), fourth-place for Gary Sorola (412), and a fifth-place finish for Paul Conover (404). Two team members were shooting Gearhead’s X16 Tactical crossbow and two were shooting the X16 Target crossbow.

“At 74 years-old, Gary Greenhouse’s third-place finish is a testament to these tournaments and the Gearhead equipment,” said Skip Petersen, Co-owner and Director of Operation of Gearhead Archery. “It’s the coolest part of these shoots; young and old, big and small, everyone can compete and has the opportunity to find success!”

Continuing Gearhead’s winning ways, Justin Ertel took home top honors in the Hunter Elite Class, with a 427. Ertel was shooting a Gearhead B36, one of the brand’s latest models out of its all-new B-Series, a highly adjustable, pro shop friendly family of bows that is quickly garnering attention among target and hunting enthusiasts.

Representing the High School Pins Female Class, Sara Harrell, took the top podium position with her Gearhead T36. Harrell shot an impressive 418.

For 2019, Gearhead took an even bigger step into the world of tournament archery, offering an aggressive contingency program for those shooting Gearhead bows and crossbows, most of whom buy their own product on the merits of the product’s technology. Once known as the “short bow company,” Gearhead Archery’s ground-breaking designs and advanced technology are turning heads and causing archery consumers across the country to take notice.

“The ‘bridge’ style twin riser on our bows, created by assembling two symmetrical side plates, engineered from 7075 aluminum, is where it all begins,“ explained Petersen. “These unique twin riser plates, the anodized 7075 aluminum, and the boss and pocket design combine to deliver a very stiff shoot-through riser, that doesn’t flex, which allows the efficient transfer of energy in the arrow. For shooters, it leads to an inherently accurate bow.”

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