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Easy Super Bowl snack ideas

by MyParisTexas
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The field will be full of red as the San Francisco 49ers, and the Kansas City Chiefs battle it out for this year’s Lombardi trophy. 

But before we find out who the champion of Super Bowl LIV is, we have to get ourselves prepared for the ever mighty tailgate party. 

With the game set to kick-off this Sunday at 6 p.m. EST, you still have plenty of time to make a dish for the party. 

Here are some classic staples to try this year. Don’t forget, you can always take these dishes to the next level to make them the next big hit this year at any party or barbeque you attend. 

 Wings: They are always a favorite, and you can prepare them in many variations. You can do some homemade-style wings, or even pre-purchase from your grocery freezer and pop them in the oven to cook up. But if you get stuck for time, why not order from your local wing store and you can pick them up on the way. 

Nachos: Nachos are simple, quick, easy, and delicious! You can make this dish any which way you can think of and best of all you can put the ingredients together and borrow the oven at your friend’s house to finish them off, or you can cook at home and take with you for a sure-fire hit with the crowd throughout the whole game. 

Dips and Chips: You can find thousands of dip recipes on the internet. Hot, cold, and everything in between, however, the general dip of choice for tailgate parties is the buffalo chicken dip. Or you could go all out with a Bacon Cheeseburger dip. For those on a strict budget, you can never pass up the old favorite of salsa and chips; you can buy the salsa straight off the shelf, or make it yourself, either way, it is a budget-friendly alternative. 

Pizza: Always a fan favorite, and one of those great options you can make yourself or pick up from your favorite pizza shop on the way to the party. 

Sliders: Those mini sandwiches that you can make an abundance of variations with is always a staple at any tailgate party. You can get creative with your sliders, serve them hot or cold, and they are almost always a budget-friendly option. This is especially great if you’re going to have the kiddos around for the game as well.

No matter what you decide to cook, purchase or pick up, we hope the team you are cheering for to win doesn’t outshine your tailgate party.

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