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Chase and Brittany Smallwood || #BABYANNOUNCEMENT

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Chase and Brittany Smallwood are excited to announce they are expecting a little girl in December 2020.

Due date: December 20, 2020

Sibling: Leland Smallwood.

Grandparents: Tommy and Lisa Adam’s, Patti and Chris Griffith, and Jason Smallwood.

Brittany – How did you tell Chase you were pregnant: So, I found a recent box from Vortex Gun Part Company (cause gun part accessories seem to come in the mail every other day. I hid a onesie and pregnancy test in the box, taped it up and placed it outside where the mailman leaves packages. I watched him open it and stare with complete confusion in the box. He said, “why did a gun company send me baby clothes?” Then he gasped and looked at me and asked if I was pregnant. I smiled real big and the excitement on his face will be something I cherish forever. It surprised Leland too and he couldn’t help but cheer and be excited. Leland told me from the start that it will be a girl.

Congratulations, Chase, Brittany and Leland. 

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