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CDC warns against eating raw cookie dough

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As we move further into the holiday season and families begin their festive, baking traditions, the CDC warns against eating raw cookie dough as ingredients included such as flour and eggs contain disease causing bacteria.

Flour being a raw agricultural product, meaning it to be untreated to kill germs such as Escherichia (E. coli), these germs are killed off when food containing flower is cooked properly.

However, when consumed raw and on the unfortunate chance of developing an E. coli infection, you’ll be looking at an unpleasant time on the toilet, for the very least that is, more severe symptoms can develop if you haver a weaker immune system than most.

The consumption of raw eggs can of course lead to the development of Salmonella and that’s no proper way to spend the holidays. Eggs are of course safe to consume once properly cooked as well.

Of course, enjoy the family time spent in the kitchen together and pour yourself a tall glass of milk to enjoy with some properly cooked cookies.

The CDC gives these and other tips on how to prevent the development of diseases caused by the consumption of raw food:

• Don’t taste or eat raw dough/batter.
• Keep raw ingredients clear of children.
• Follow specified instructions on packaging for proper cooking temperature.
• Thoroughly wash hands and prep area.

Also, if you’re planning on leaving a plate of cookies out for Santa this Christmas Eve, be sure to cook them thoroughly as our jolly friend works too hard to be repaid with Salmonella.


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