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Only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Dallas, Paris is quickly becoming a sought-after location for those brides wanting a rustic/country wedding (with elegant charm) and cheaper on the checkbook too.

With many historical venues for those wanting an indoor wedding with the old charm aspect to newer outdoor properties with picture perfect lawns, groomed gardens and more than likely a lake as the backdrop, it’s becoming harder each year to secure a weekend at these quickly booked out locations.

destination wedding has a lot of appeal; who doesn’t love the idea of bringing all their friends and family together at a picture-perfect locale. But what if the destination wasn’t a few thousand miles from home, but in fact only a short drive east of Dallas with all the amenities you find in the big city but more budget friendly.

It’s no secret that weddings aren’t cheap. The average cost of a wedding in America was $35,329 in 2016, according to the most recent figures from the Knot. However, when comparing Dallas to Paris, Texas (a short drive east of the hustle and bustle) the difference was staggering and explains why more couples are heading east for their big day.

The average cost of a wedding in Dallas was around $28,810 compared to Paris falling between $9,782 and $12,643.

Not only are couples seeing big savings in their checkbook by booking their wedding at venues in Paris, but local vendors also offer reasonable and competitive prices.

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Who says you can’t have your dream wedding on a budget? Perhaps changing location will allow you incorporate the things you once had to cut off your list because of the price.

According to weddingwire.com, the three things not to “skimp” on at your wedding is the DJ, food, and a good photographer.

When all the formalities of the ceremony are over, the best way to keep a party going into the night is with great music. Picking a good DJ is crucial to setting the tone at your reception and Paris boasts some of the best wedding DJ’s in the business and at competitive prices. Based on the average cost of wedding DJ’s, you can save at least $400 by using a local DJ in east Texas.

Understandably, catering your wedding is best done locally to your wedding location and Paris offers an array of award-winning restaurants and private catering companies. From BBQ to 5-course meals and everything in-between, whether it’s the main meal, dessert or cake, it can all be done locally and once again, with competitive prices but not lacking in quality.

After months of planning your special day, in the blink of an eye it’s all over, but having a great photographer to capture every moment is imperative; as they say, a smile happens in a flash, but a photo lasts a lifetime.

However, there is no denying a photographer will be one of the biggest expenses of your wedding day, but finding a highly recommended photographer, with a portfolio to match and within your budget can be a challenge. A simple search of photographers in Paris will showcase an array of photos that speak for themselves, along with budget-friendly prices and packages offering more than more. Most wedding packages in Paris start at $800.

However, don’t think that because Paris is a small country town that you can’t have all the elaborate trimmings like in the big city or the modern theme you typically see in Dallas. While most are typically drawn to older venues with historical charm, there are many venues in Paris that offer the modern architecture and can be decorated as you please.

One of the biggest draws for couples to Paris, other than the savings, is the historical aspect which has quickly become popular for photo sessions. From downtown Paris with the old, rustic charm to the rolling hills, beautiful lakes and countryside, there is no shortage of photography locations in Lamar County.

Paris also has multiple hotels, once again, with cheaper rates than Dallas and most offer flat rates for blocked bookings. See our locals hotels here

Overall, it’s easy to see why more and more Dallas brides are choosing Paris, Texas as their wedding location. For a short drive east, brides are saving thousands of dollars without compromising on quality and including all those dream extras you wanted on your special day.


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