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Chisum FFA students scramble for calves

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From Fort Worth to San Angelo, Chisum FFA students are jumping all in during the rodeo’s calf scramble competition. 

The Calf Scramble helps 4-H and FFA members get started in the livestock and food industry. Over 22 rodeo performances at Fort Worth with 220 kids getting awarded certificates valued at $500 for catching a calf. 

Traditionally the certificate is used to help purchase a beef or dairy heifer that they will raise and exhibit at the Stock Show the following year.

Calf Scrambles are not only entertaining for the crowd but also allow the kids a spotlight for a few minutes as the announcer explains why they are seeing kids and calves running all over the dirt. 

Each participant is also given a unique t-shirt as they take part, and by the time they walk out of the arena, with or without a calf, the smiles and red dirt smeared all over tells of a great time had.

This year as the Stock Shows kick-off, Chisum kids are already taking home a few wins.

Fort Worth:

Collin and Cord had the honor of running the very first Calf Scramble in the new Dickies Arena on opening night this year. Both of these young men gave it everything they had and got their hands on many calves, but unfortunately, the calves got away from them. 

Collin and Cord made a return to the arena, this time with classmate Kip, all three boys walked out victorious during that run. 

Finally, at Fort Worth, Lannie Farris caught her calf, making Chisum five for five with their members completing this year’s Fort Worth Calf Scramble. 

Next up is San Angelo, where the rodeo has already kicked off, and Chisum students already see success. 

San Angelo:

Brooklyn and Brailye scrambled at San Angelo on Saturday, Feb. 1; Brailye caught her calf, which means she advances to the finals. Brooklyn gave it her best and left it on the arena floor. 

Emily, Karson, and Jace scrambled during the main performance on Saturday, Feb. 1. Karson was the third catch and also qualified for the finals next Saturday. Emily and Jase left it in the arena. 

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