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Photographer captures moment ‘curious squirrel’ stops to smell a flower

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VIENNA, Austria – Sometimes you’ve just got to stop and smell the flowers…even if you’re a squirrel.

A photographer from the Netherlands, who was traveling in Austria when he snapped the picture, is going viral after sharing adorable photos of a squirrel admiring a yellow flower.

Photographer Dick van Duijn, told SWNS it took him about two hours and 200 photos to capture the sight.

“This curious ground squirrel started smelling and tasting the flower,” the photographer told SWNS. “I was really happy after capturing a photo like this.”

The series of photos show a squirrel taking a big whiff of a daisy and even hugging the flower before taking some nibbles out of it.

“I went to Austria especially to photograph the ground squirrels,” van Duijn reportedly said. “It was great to witness this, and very satisfying.”

The photo, which was shared on Duijn’d Instagram page on July 31, has gotten over 22,000 likes.




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