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Peanut Butter and Pickle flavored Twinkies…are you serious ?

by MyParisTexas
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There’s a new flavor of Twinkie in town, well, kind of and people just aren’t sure what to think about it.

Hostess Snacks tweeted a photo of a box featuring peanut-butter-and-pickle-sandwich flavored Twinkies!

Yes, you heard us right!  And consumers just about lost their minds…

“@Hostess_Snacks you have crossed the line with peanut butter and pickle sandwich – what in God’s name are you doing??? And I’m a Twinkie lover but that’s just immoral and wrong,” said @TheFunkyTwinkie 

From colorful memes, to tweets asking if they had lost their marbles, Hostess Snacks finally came clean saying it was a joke. 

“This is just some social media levity from Hostess. We regularly feature fun, fictional products on our social media, and this is one of those,” a Hostess spokesperson announced.

Now we can all take a breath, because of all the combinations out there, surely they would never…

With close to 800 tweets on the original post, I guess all those twitter accounts can relax now knowing that this combination was nothing more than a marketing ploy for the ever popular dessert company. 

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