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Nightmarish ‘longer’ version of Monopoly coming to a home near you

by MyParisTexas
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Not even bankruptcy will get a player out of this Monopoly game. Known as the “longest game ever,” Hasbro has taken Monopoly to the next level for board game enthusiasts.

It may have been something that no one asked for, but it’s now available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.

“Think the original Monopoly game takes forever to play? It’s got nothing over this edition,” reads the less-than-convincing game description.

In this new version, there are three variants of every property, but wait, it gets worse: the winner must own all 16 streets, four railroads, and two utilities.

And just when you thought they have thought of it all comes Monopoly Speed.

Known as the fastest game of the series where people can finish a game in just under 10 minutes, it consists of four rounds where players race a timer to buy, trade, and sell properties at record speeds. There are two GO spaces, and players can break out of jail for free every time. There are no turns: each player has a token and a die, and during buying stages, everyone rolls simultaneously. 

The ‘Speed’ and ‘Longest Game Ever’ cost $19.99 and will continue the tradition of Monopoly fun for the whole family.

Both versions were released just before Christmas, and should you ponder on how difficult or easy it is to play, you may need to read the reviews on Amazon-needless to say it is already getting raving reviews.

The only question left is, will you be brave enough to take on the longest game ever? 

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