Michael and Kristen Strunc #BABYANNOUNCEMENT

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Michael and Kristen Strunc are excited to announce they are expecting a little girl in November 2021. 

Due date: November 3, 2021

Siblings: Rhylinne and Autumn

Grandparents: Rhylinne and Autumn Strunc, JW and Kim Ross and Joyce Whitney

How did you find out you were pregnant: “I had no idea I was pregnant because it didn’t even cross my mind with the pill plan I’m on. I was laying in a tanning bed and all of a sudden I felt a flutter in my tummy. I looked up so quickly, I knocked my head on the top if the bed,” laughed Kristen. “I stood there for a minute and started thinking, ‘Lord, I need to call my doctor.”

Congratulations, Michael and Kristen Strunc. 

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