Kyle and Miranda Flowers || BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS

by MyParisTexas
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Kyle and Miranda Flowers are excited to announce they are expecting. 

Due Date: May 9, 2020

Grandparents: Dustin and Melissa Alley,  Jimmy Traci Bates, Roxann and Bobby Hodgson, and Harold Flowers.

How did you find out you were expecting: “I actually did not think I could get pregnant,” said Miranda, “we had been trying for about 4 years to the point we was giving up. We thought if that was the path God had chose for us then we was okay with it, but what made me think I was pregnant was i was walking down the stairs on our cruise ship and was craving pickles and I absolutely hate pickles. So I took a test and low and behold I was pregnant. It’s not really a unique story but it’s our story.” 

Are you team boy or girl: “We are definitely team boy all the way.” 

Congratulations Kyle and Miranda Flowers!

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