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Kollins Kate Pitcock || HELLO BABY

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Mitchell and Krysta Pitcock, along with their three sons, are excited to announce the birth of their daughter Kollins Kate Pitcock. 

Born Sunday, September 16th at 8:48 a.m. at Medical City Plano, Kollins weighed 6lbs 12oz and was 19 inches long.

Kollins has three older brothers Gage, Kaliber, and Kainen.

Grandparents are Susan Yarbrough, Ronnie Yarbrough and Jerry and Joanna Pitcock.

“I actually lost my doctor 2 weeks before delivery so it was a very stressful few weeks leading up to Kollins birth,” said Krysta. 

Krysta needed to have a C-section and had a hard time finding a doctor to accept her that close to her due date.

“My sister, Cheri Eldridge and I searched for a doctor for days!! We finally got on the internet and looked up where Mitchell, my husband, had his heart transplant done 9 years ago since it was such a good hospital and we are so familiar with it and found the most top rated doctor to accept me. I was very blessed to find Doctor Ralph Joseph out of Plano.”

Photos by Heather Daniel’s Photography


Congratulations Mitchell and Krysta on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. 

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