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Fundraiser for Lamar County Humane Association set for Sept. 7

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The Lamar County Humane Association has partnered up with King of Sports wrestling to fundraise for the local shelter this Saturday, Sept. 7, at the Travis High School of Choice

The Championship Wrestling match is the first one of a hopefully annual event for the local shelter, to host here in Paris. 

“The money raised will go towards covering several vet bills that we have had come through recently,” Stephanie Corley with the Humane Society said. 

“This is the finest professional wrestling being presented today,” Joe Briscoe, president of King of Sports (KOS) wrestling said.

Briscoe added, “King of Sports is really a throwback to the professional wrestling of the 1970s and ’80s. We have spent years searching for the finest athletes from all disciplines of combat sports to create a unique, entertaining, & thoroughly competitive sports promotion. The KOS product is unique and may actually be almost foreign to the younger audience – this is wrestling with rules. For those that remember the hey-day of Dallas wrestling, this will be a pleasant return to the hard-hitting action of yesterday & for the younger viewers, well this will be an eye-opener! We have rules, and we abide by them.”

Those at the Lamar County Humane Association are also excited to bring this unique, family-friendly fundraiser to the area. 

“We hope to make this an annual fundraising event,” Corely said, “something different is always good.”

The event will be held at Travis High School of Choice, 3270 Graham St., Paris Saturday, Sept. 7. Doors will open at 6 p.m., with the first bell at 7 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased through; www.prekindle.com/events/koswrestling.

“It takes a community to come together and support these animals. They wouldn’t have a chance if not for the help in raising funds so we can make sure they are correctly cared for and hopefully all get the opportunity to find their forever home,” Corely said.

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