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French’s launches mustard-flavored ice cream for National Mustard Day

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When National Mustard Day falls in the middle of summer, what better way to celebrate than with a cool creation…or is it?

French’s announced July 31, that they had partnered with Coolhaus Ice Cream to debut a limited-edition mustard-flavored ice cream.

According to Fox 4 News, “The bold ice cream flavor is part of the brand’s “Not From France” campaign which focuses on capturing the best of American flavors and putting an ‘unexpected twist’ on French’s beloved classics.”

“As lovers of sweet-meets-savory, pure ingredients, and unique creations, we are incredibly excited to be collaborating with French’s Mustard in creating this one-of-a-kind product,” Natasha Case, Coolhaus CEO and founder said in a press release. “It’s been so fun to explore this classic condiment in a whole new way and create an unforgettable thoughtfully-crafted ice cream flavor with an All-American taste.”

Best served with a pretzel cookie, the mustard-flavored ice cream is an attempt at bringing together two all-American classics, ice cream, and mustard, in a seemingly surprising and undecided delicious way.

Although the creations have been made to be launched in Los Angles, New York, and the Hamptons; those who are game enough to give it ago can create their own mustard ice-cream by clicking here

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