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‘Don-nut’ mind if I do: Klondike Donuts coming March 2020

by MyParisTexas
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Just in time for warmer weather to be approaching, Klondike is set to release a donut ice-cream bar!

Klondike is introducing Klondike Donuts, and they’ll come in three flavors. There’s Triple Chocolate, Boston Cream, and Frosted Strawberry.

The frozen treats will be shaped like a donut and are filled with ice cream.  

Fans of Klondike and donuts alike are already going bonkers over this new combination. But, unfortunately, word on the street is they won’t be hitting shelves until March. 

The new product, which was confirmed by the company, was first spotted by Instagram user and YouTuber tamisclock

So there is hope you may find one before Spring, but if not, you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled. 

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