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Can you knit? Knitters around the world make koala mittens and joey pouches

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Over the past several weeks, the world has watched is horror and disbelief as fires continue to rage across Australia, leaving a trail of devastation and caused they death of millions of defenseless animals.

Since September, 17.9 million acres has burned in one of the country’s worst fire seasons on record and people are looking for ways in which they can help.

While monetary donations from celebrities and regular folks across the world continue to pour in, crafters are coming together to help as well.

“There are estimates that over 500 million animals have perished in Australia’s bushfires so far,” said Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild. “With months still ahead of us and no end in sight, things are feeling pretty dire.”

The effort is being spearheaded by the Animal Rescue Collective, a Brisbane-based organization that supports animal rescues across Australia, is spearheading the effort and keeps their Facebook page up to date.

Below is what is currently needed:

Sewers: We desperately need bat wraps, joey pouches of all sizes, and hanging joey pouches. All of these are in need and can be made with a sewing machine. (No hand sewn items.)

Crocheters: We need your birds nest making skills! Crocheted nests of various sizes are needed for orphaned birds and small rodents. Also blankets.

Knitters: If you can knit you can make some sweet blankets and jumpers that’ll keep our fellas warm. We have some great knitting patterns that can be whipped up for our joeys, lambs, penguins, and other animals. Knitted joey pouches are also needed.

Please keep in mind there are specific measurements for pouches, wraps etc. CLICK HERE for patterns and instruction guides

Not a crafter but still want to help? Donations are VERY welcome to cover supplies and postage costs. Make a tax deductible donation here: https://mkc.org.au/donations/arfsncrafts


PHOTO: WIRES NSW Rescuing native Australian wildlife in distress. 

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