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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Chisum Cheerleader George Gribble

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It’s been nearly a decade since Chisum High School has seen a male cheerleader on the sidelines or getting the crowd roaring at a pep rally. However, George Gribble has broken the long spell and says he has been enjoying all the squad has to offer as he gets set to cheer on his fellow classmates this year. 

“My friend Grace is on the squad, it was towards the end of freshman year that she encouraged me to join the cheer squad,” Gribble said, “I’ve always had a knack for movement, and after checking it out through Grace I decided to try out.”

Gribble tried out the next year, but unfortunately, didn’t make the squad. He said that not making the squad spurred him to train a little harder and with more precise training. Then last year when try-outs came back around, Gribble said he was better prepared and was able to make the team for this season successfully. 

“I didn’t realize it was my favorite thing to do until I gave it a go,” Gribble said about cheer.

Integrating into the team hasn’t been hard for Gribble either, mainly because every member has a passion for cheer, though he did acknowledge the learning curve. 

“It’s been enjoyable so far,” he said. 

“But girls are a million times faster when talking than us guys,” he said with a laugh, “I’ve learned that the girls can talk about multiple things very quickly and change the subject and jump back without losing a beat. It’s definitely different from how we guys communicate.”

Although girls can talk fairly quickly, Gribble also said that as a team they came together really well, and there are some great friendships in the squad. 

“He looks after the girls like a brother,” head cheer coach Mandy Brooks said, “he is a great asset to the team, and they all get along, train hard and train with a purpose.”

Brooks went on to say that Gribble’s personality boasts well with the girls and he brings his own strengths to the team, especially during pep rallies. 

“George is one of our best tumblers, and when he comes out on the floor, the crowd hits another level of excitement,” she said with a chuckle. 

Not only does he travel with the team to games, and trains with them, Gribble also ensures that he is sending a positive message to younger students every chance he gets. 

Since the beginning of the term, Gribble has accompanied members of the cheer squad and his coach to the elementary campus to teach the younger kids all about school spirit and getting behind the team. From helping with stickers to visiting with the younger kids, Gribble has already made a significant impact. 

“Each Friday, we head over to the elementary school, and the kids love seeing the cheer squad there. So much so, that as soon as they see George, they’re calling out his name and waving to him,” Brooks said. 

Inspiring his fellow students, Gibble said that he’s been working on some larger tumbling tricks that he hopes to have a better handle on by the end of the season. 

And though he thoroughly enjoys tumbling, his hopes are to make it to the stunts team within the squad. 

“I find that the stunts are really interesting to me and I would love to be able to do more,” he said.

Like any student-athlete, Gribble has the passion and drive for his sport and hopes to achieve his specific goals as an athlete before the end of the season. 

“There are a few things I want to make sure I get right. Some of the moves we do are very technical, and that’s just one aspect of cheer I really enjoy. So I’ve set myself some goals, and I’ve been practicing as much as I can so I can achieve these I’ve set and then go onto some other goals,” he explained. 

If you want to see Gribble in action or experience the roar of the crowd as he takes to the floor and sidelines with his impressive tumbling act; make sure you don’t miss one of Chisum High School games, whether at home or away. 

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