Salvation Army donation truck hit by vandalism

The vandalism of Paris’ Salvation Army box truck couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

Sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, vandals damaged the van the organization used for food pick-ups.

“We came in this morning (Friday) to use our box truck for food pick-ups that we give out to those in need only to find it unusable. Someone came during the night and cut the muffler and Cadillac(sic) converter off,” said the organization on their Facebook page. 

With COVID-19 and funds already being tight, the organization said the vandalism puts a “huge squeeze on resources.”

“When funds are tight already and COVID already puts a HUGE squeeze on our resources, now to put funds into fixing what someone’s meanness and vandalization have done when we could be using the funds for others in the community.”

The Salvation Army Grayson County said the same thing happened to them last month.