RECALL: Youth ATVs recalled due to injury hazard and violation of Federal ATV Safety Standard

About 2,900 EGL and ACE branded youth All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) have been recalled for several reason that pose an injury hazard.

According to the recall, the youth ATVs fail to comply with the requirements of the federal mandatory ATV safety standard.

Children can operate them above the maximum allowed speed, increasing the risk of a crash that can cause serious injuries. The handlebars pose a laceration hazard should the child rider’s body or head impact the handlebars at a high rate of speed such as in a crash. In addition, the parking brake does not prevent the movement of the vehicle at the minimum required steepness.

ATVs that fail to meet the mandatory safety requirements pose a risk of serious injury or death to children.

The recall involves EGL and ACE branded Youth ATVs, models MADIX 125 and D110.

The name of the vehicle is printed on a label located on both sides of the vehicle. The model number is stamped into the metal plate located on the left side, under the rear body. The ATVs were sold as either Age 12+ or Age 16+. The ATVs have a label under the model number, stating: “This ATV is subject to EGL MOTOR INC’s action plan approved by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled ATVs and contact EGL Motor to make an appointment for a no-cost full repair from an authorized repair shop.

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