Paris man indicted on five counts of felony arson stemming from March 15

Cody Ryan Hallman, 32 of Paris, was indicted on five counts of arson stemming from five separate locations on March 15, 2022 – two first-degree felony charges and three second-degree felonies. Hallman was also indicted

The two first-degree arson charges include arson intend damage of a habitat/place of worship and arson causing bodily injury/death. The three second-degree arson charges are arson habitual offender.

On March 15, Hallman reportedly turned himself into Paris police, confessing to committing five arsons in Paris.

According to reports, four of the five fires were started in the men’s bathrooms at each location.

Police said while looking through surveillance camera footage, a known suspect was identified but at that time, Mar. 14, 2022, has not been located.

After turning himself in, Hallman was placed under arrest for the Felony Offense of Arson for each location and was later transferred to the Lamar County Jail.

Hallman’s arraignment is currently scheduled for 9 a.m. on May 16, 2022, in the honorable Judge Wesley Tidwell’s court at the Lamar County Courthouse, 119 N. Main Street.

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