Paramedics awarded Paris EMS Cardiac Arrest Save Challenge Coin for successful resuscitation of patient

Paramedics Elijah Hubbard, Jason Cook, Rhett Cody and EMT Christian Bolton were awarded the Paris EMS Cardiac Arrest Save Challenge Coin for the successful resuscitation of a patient who went into full arrest at the Paris Drag Strip on June 11, 2022.

Due to the rapid response of bystanders and the EMS crews, the patient who was found pulseless and not breathing was successfully resuscitated with defibrillation, medications and intubation, taken to PRMC ED, Cath Lab and ICU, and walked out of the hospital three days later with no ill effects.

The Cardiac Arrest Save Coin is only awarded to EMS Crews who successfully revive a clinically dead patient so effectively that they return to normal life with no deficiencies.

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