Doug and Marissa Powers || BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS

Doug and Marissa Powers are excited to announce they are expecting a baby boy, Hunter Wayne Powers.

Due Date: May 4th, 2019

How did you find out you were expecting: I found out at 4 weeks. We decided to try to have a baby so I started taking fertility tests, however, they all said low fertility. So I jokingly took a pregnancy test thinking I was low fertility for 2 months because I was TOTALLY pregnant (sarcastic). It came up positive along with the next three tests I took. The joke was on me. I couldn’t even remember how to talk, so I just gave Doug the pregnancy test. He scooped me up under all the stars and spun me in circles until I thought I would be sick.

Grandparents: Leslie Mildenhall and Darrell Urey and Susan Turner and Richard New

Congratulations Doug and Marissa.