Chisum ISD unveils new Performing Arts Building

It may have taken longer than expected, but Chisum ISD is proud to finally unveil its new Performing Arts Building

“We are very excited about the building and what it will bring both to Chisum ISD and the community,” said Superintendent Tommy Chalaire. 

The building is set next to the high school with a corridor attachment near the dressing rooms, which boasts a glass foyer with first-class monitoring screens and sound systems. 

The foyer can hold approximately 90 occupants with the inside of the arts center showcasing 599 seats. 

“There is plenty of seating and room for disability access inside so everyone can come in and enjoy what is happening,” said John Marsh, Director of Fine Arts for Chisum ISD.

Marsh further explained when deciding the space for occupancy; they wanted to ensure that there was enough space to hold student occupancy for ISD events and also enough seats that it wouldn’t be hard to fill for future performances. 

The 10,000 sq. ft., $3.95 million facility took around eight months to complete, and will officially open in the near future. 

“I don’t like to say we have ‘state of the art’ equipment,’ rather we have a ‘first-class facility,’” said Marsh.

With no significant events planned just yet, Marsh said that with the work that has been put into the planning and development of the structure, it would afford plenty of opportunity for years to come. 

“We looked towards the future when it came to the planning stages of this performing arts facility,” he said. “It was never built just for now, or even the next few years, we took into account the growth of the school, community, and facility to ensure that down the track if we needed to expand, we could.”

The building itself is soundly decked out with a catwalk suspended over the seating to allow stage lights to be used to full advantage. The lighting and stage itself are fully functional to accommodate graduation, school assembly, speaking engagements, total theatrical production, musical performances, dance, and anything else they can dream of. 

The digital side of the center is just as impressive. As mentioned earlier, the foyer is equipped with digital screens that can showcase the performance inside as well as sound. With the sound hall situated between two entry doors, those who may sit up the back during a performance and not be disturbed with noise from the outside. 

As of right now, the staff at Chisum ISD are counting down to the official opening, which will be announced in the coming weeks. 

With the performing arts center ready for business, anyone who is looking for a facility to hire should contact John Marsh, Director of Fine Arts, jmarsh@chisumisd.org.