Children’s Advocacy Center of Paris’ Rainbow Room reaches $5,000 in donations, ‘It’s amazing to see the ripple effect one donor can create’

With the help from several generous donors, The Children’s Advocacy Center of Paris’ Rainbow Room has a total of $5,000 which will benefit children entering into foster care.

“What started out as one donation of $1,000 has multiplied,” CAC Executive Director Rebecca Peevy said. “When the original donor saw that we were really low on boys shoes and gave us the donation, it was with the idea of seeing if anyone wanted to match it. So we put it out on social media and it took off like wildfire.”

Peevy said the organization had two more donations to the Rainbow Room since one of its latest posts stated it had $3,000. This brings its total to $5,000 in less than a month since the original $1,000 donation in June.

“It is amazing to see the ripple effect that just one donor can create that turns into many donors,” Peevy said. “It’s a powerful reminder that it only takes one person to see a need and be willing to step up to help that starts a movement.  We are just so grateful and blessed to live in a community that has such a heart for children in need.”

The Rainbow Room helps the Children’s Advocacy Center of Paris give each child who is going into foster care a few changes of new clothes, shoes and hygiene products. The Rainbow Room also provides pack-and-plays for families CPS works with who may not have a safe space for their infant to sleep – reducing the risk of SIDS.

“It’s been said that a person never stands so tall as when they kneel to help a child and those who give to help a child in need are giants among men,” Peevy said.

For more information on the Children’s Advocacy Center of Paris, call (903) 784-5787 or visit the organization’s website here.

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